What are stamps? Edit


Stamps are a form of collectible in Go Vacation. They can be acquired through the progression of the stamp dash. Lily Gives out stamps.

How do you achieve them and how many stamps are there? Edit

To acquire those, you need to play an activity for a first time.

There are 50 stamps, which means 50 activities.

There are 10 stamps in both Marine and Mountain resort, 11 stamps at Snow resort and the most, 15 stamps at City resort.

You will need only 20 stamps to unlock Villa Grounds.

When you get all the stamps, you will also get 3 Silver Keys.

Trivia Edit

  • Game doesn't finish if you collect all stamps, game will finish only if you do both the stamps and the Silver Keys.
  • You don't need to play them by the schedule, you can play any schedule you'd like to.

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