Snow Resort


After 8 stamps



Bungee Jumping spots



4 (Snowtube, Snowmobile, Skis, Snowboard)

Boarding Platforms

2 (Chairlifts and helicopters)

Go vacation-94

Snow Resort.

Snow Resort is a resort in Go Vacation. It has many slopes which you can go down. They all meet at one place at the bottom of the mountain.

Help A Friend QuestEdit


A side quest/activity is at the bottom of the mountain which shows a little girl who wants to make a stew for her dad. She states that after looking through many stew recipes she finally finds a legendary one called "Sparkling Stew". You have the decision to help her find the ingredients for the stew.

Notable PlacesEdit

Tonga Blanca: The top of the mountain. You can skydive off a ledge here. Snow Tubes you can ride are also found here.

Mr. Sun: A huge sun which has an opening. Players can go on a snow ramp, go through the opening, and get a Challenge Star.

Available Modes of TransportationEdit

Helicopters: There are six, which found at the bottom of the mountain. They take you to six different places, including Tonga Blanca.

Chairlifts: There are seven of these, also found at the bottom of the mountain. They take you to seven different places.


Skis: These are found all over the resort. They are fast going down, but are very slow going up.

Snow Tubes: These are found all over the resort. Two are found at Tonga Blanca. The are very slippery, and have no brake. Unlike any other transportation (execpt the boarding station transportations), you can never fall off of them. It is impossible to go upwards in them.

Snowboards: They are found all over. Like the Skis, they are fast going down, but slow going up.

Snowmobile: They are found all over the resort. Unlike the others, the are fast going up and down.


  • The Snow Resort is the largest resort.
  • Some players will have throw-backs if they played We Ski before.


  • Bear (Individuals and pairs on several upper slopes, and in Bear Forest)
  • Reindeer/Caribou (Lily area, Bear Forest, at entrances and exits of lower slopes, and near the frozen lake)
  • Wolf (in a pack in the Rose area, and a pair in the Sunflower area)