These are the secrets that are found in this game.

Changing the Strength of OpponentsEdit

Press the "2" button to power-up the opponents.
Press the "1" button to power-down the opponents.

This only works in the following activities:

*Only the free duel mode can work with this secret.

Changing the Weather in Snow ResortEdit

Before the loading screen to the Snow Resort,

  • C + Z + Up/Down = Sunny weather
  • C + Z + Left = Cloudy weather
  • C + Z + Right = Stormy weather
    • Stormy weather looks better at night**

Machine Gun ModeEdit

During the mode selection screen, to turn on Machine Gun Mode,
Press the "1" button 3 times to turn on this feature.

Press the "2" button 3 times to turn off this feature.

This only works in shooting activities.