The Mountain Resort

il resort montagna è il 4 resort sbloccabile. It is based around Mt. Shanghar. The area has a country theme to it, with horseback riding, train stations,ranches, and shooting ranges.

"[Player Name], welcome to Mountain Resort! Surrounded by majestic ranges and peaceful rolling hills, the Mountain Resort is outdoor paradise. You can get around by horseback, off-road car, and kayak! A sightseeing boat and train are also available! Be sure to give them a try!" - Lily, when you enter Mountain Resort for the first time.

Mountain Resort
Unlocked:12 Stamps
Bungee Jumping:3
Information Centre:Lake Trumelia

Notable Places
Lake Trumelia
Shanghar Castle
Otti McCrae Falls
Shangar Peak

Shanghar Ridge

Schuber McRae River

Sleipnir Stables


  • Off-Road Car
  • Kayak
  • Walking
  • Swimming

Boarding PlatformsEdit

  • River Boat
  • Train

Lake TrumeliaEdit

When Mt. Shanghar erupted some long time ago, Lake Trumelia was formed, along with it's natural rock formations.


This resort's Pacman shape is a natural rock formation in Lake Trumelia. It has yellow flowers growing on it, adding to the Pacman look.


  • Duckling (in groups around the edge of the lake)
  • Beaver (in and around the lake, riverbanks and Shanghar Peak)
  • Cow (near train stations up the mountain)
  • Sheep (near train stations up the mountain)
  • Bighorn (locations at the top of the mountain)
  • Bird (circling the lake and train stations)