Lily, at the Marine Resort.



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Marine, City, Mountain, Snow

Lily is the receptionist at the Information Center. She tells you how many treasure chests you found and how many photos you've taken. She's also the first person you see when you play the game for the first time, and when you go to any resort (except the Villa Grounds).

Personality Edit

Lily is a loving tour guide. She may make clumsy errors from time to time, almost forgeting to introduce herself on the first meeting between her and the player.


  • If you are on a Snowmobile or Snow Tube in the Snow Resort, pressing right on the d-pad will make your character do a sort of salute, something Lily does.
  • Lily assumes a look of surprise when you complete all the activities at a certain resort.
  • The icon on the Information Center is the same as Lily's.
  • Her role is similar to that of Party Phil in Wii Party and Wii Party U.
  • She is one of two named NPC's (the other one being Iron G, the guy who takes you to the Triathlon). She is also the only named staff member in the information center.
Lily salute

Lily's "salute".

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