Kawawii Island is the island on which you are on in Go Vacation. It includes four resorts: Snow Resort, Mountain Resort, Marine Resort, and City Resort. There is also a fifth area, villa grounds. The island is almost always sunny.


Activities Edit

The Kawawii Island is full of activities. It has 50 activities to try and play, while collecting Stamps for the Stamp Dash.

All gear that you can ride on Kawawii Island! Edit

Marine Resort City Resort Snow Resort Mountain Resort
Marine Bike Inline Skates Skis Horse
ATV Trolley Car (Boarding Platform) Snowboard Off-road Car
Helicopter (Boarding Platform) Skateboard Snowmobile Kayak
Cruiser (Boarding Platform) / Snow Tube Train (Boarding Platform)
Surfboard (Coconore Island only) / Helicopter ( Boarding Platform) /
/ / Chairlift (Boarding Platform) /

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