Kawawii Island is the island where Go Vacation takes place. It includes four resorts: Snow Resort, Mountain Resort, Marine Resort, and City Resort. There is a fifth resort, Villa Grounds where players can decorate their villas or simply said houses. It's name is a combination of Kawaii, a Japanese word for cute, Hawaii, a state of America, and Wii, one of the three consoles Go Vacation was released on.


Activities Edit

At Kawawii Island there are a plenty of activities to do. It includes more than 50 activities and "over 100 ways to play them". Some activities include Bungee Jumping, Water gun battle, racing, rollerblading, snowboarding and tennis.

Gear Edit

At Kawawii island there is 18 gear offered including boarding platforms which can be used to get from point A to point B, or you can just use the map to get there. Here's a list of offered gear:

Marine Resort City Resort Snow Resort Mountain Resort
Marine Bike Inline Skates Skis Horse
ATV Trolley Car (Boarding Platform) Snowboard Off-road Car
Helicopter (Boarding Platform) Skateboard Snowmobile Kayak
Cruiser (Boarding Platform) / Snow Tube Train (Boarding Platform)
Surfboard (Coconore Island only) / Helicopter ( Boarding Platform) /
/ / Chairlift (Boarding Platform) /